ASN plans to convene a Task Force to author a report that provides an overview of the current types, purposes, strengths, and limitations of the primary methodologies used in nutrition research. The primary goal will be to characterize the role each research approach serves and how, collectively, they provide a sound evidence base for drawing conclusions and formulating policy, clinical practice guidelines, dietary recommendations, nutrition programs and interventions. The audience will include nutrition researchers, educators and practitioners, policy makers, industry and the media. 

Secondarily, it is hoped such information will moderate the tone of scientific discourse and improve interpretation and appropriate use of emerging science. ASN is interested in members with expertise in many areas of nutrition research including, but not limited to: basic, clinical/human, global, food and nutrition policy, animal models, mechanisms, methodology, translation, community/public health, behavior, education, as well as innovative techniques such as big data, food pattern modeling, and systems approaches. 

If interested in being considered to serve on the Task Force and writing group, please send an up-to-date CV along with your area(s) of expertise to Sarah Ohlhorst by Friday, May 29, 2020. Suggestions of ASN member experts who should be considered as part of this writing group are also welcome.