ASN continues its tradition of innovation and excellence in nutrition research with the launch of a shared Statistical Review Board.

Members of the Statistical Review Board (SRB) will provide evaluations of statistical methods and analysis in research manuscripts submitted to ASN’s four journals: The Journal of Nutrition, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Advances in Nutrition and Current Developments in Nutrition.

Members of the SRB will provide advice to editors and authors on a full range of topics including choice of experiment design, choice of statistical procedures for analyzing experiments, interpretation of the results, statistical and mathematical modeling, and statistical computing. Where an author’s test is inappropriate, SRB member will suggest an alternative and be willing to provide supporting references.

Congratulations to the inaugural board members whose term began on August 1, 2019:

Tanushree Banerjee, PhD
Kathryn Barger, PhD
Edward Frongillo, Jr. , PhD
Fumiaki Imamura, PhD
Kathryn Ann Kaiser, PhD
Jia Li, PhD
Liming Liang, PhD
Daniel Omar Maizon, PhD
Kevin C. Maki, PhD
Alexander C McLain, PhD
Nora L. Nock, PhD
J. Michael Oakes, PhD
Brian D Piccolo, PhD
Christian Ritz, PhD
Elliot O’Brian Smith, PhD
John David Sorkin, MD, PhD
Michael J Wenger, PhD
Lynne Ross Wilkens, PhD

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