Danone International Prize for Alimentation

2nd Edition

Laureate Lecture

June 3, 2021 at 10 AM ET
Sponsored by the Danone Institute International

The Danone International Prize for Alimentation replaces the long-standing Danone International Prize for Nutrition, DIPN, launched in 1997 and represents an evolution from Nutrition to Alimentation, away from basic research towards a focus on more holistic, practical, and concrete implementation in the communities, intending to explore avenues of research to develop effective healthy eating strategies that need to take on board the fact that food does far more than merely fulfill a biological need; it also forms the basis of our identity and social interaction.

DIPA intends to encourage and inspire pioneering research and boost a multidisciplinary approach that takes account of the diverse influences on people’s food choices and eating habits, including economic, social, psychological, cultural, and environmental factors. Unravelling the relationships between these alimentation factors and how they impact the planet and human health requires researchers to build bridges between nutrition science and other disciplines.  

DIPA awards mid-career researchers and support pioneering research that spans multiple disciplines and represents a major advance in alimentation, the umbrella term for sustainable eating and drinking practices that contribute to the health of individuals, including food choice, purchase, preparation, cooking and meal organization, and their determinants. The 100,000€ Prize is awarded every two years by the Danone Institute International, DII, in collaboration with the French Foundation for Medical Research, FRM.


What is the Danone Institute International?
Professor Olivier Goulet, MD, PhD
President, Danone Institute International and President of the Prize Committee
Necker Hospital, University Paris Descartes

Danone’s History and Health Commitment
Dr. Nicolas Gausserès, PhD
VP Health, Danone

The Danone International Prize for Alimentation
Professor Luis Moreno, MD, PhD
DIPA Jury President
University of Zaragoza, Spain

Video Presentation on the Laureated Research Work and Impact

Laureate Lecture
Dr. Jess Haines, PhD, MHSc, RD
Associate Professor of Applied Nutrition
University of Guelph, Ontario – Canada

Promoting Healthy Eating Habits among Families through novel, interdisciplinary and knowledge mobilization
The award-winning research helps build sustainable healthy eating habits among families; this pioneering research could form the foundations for strategies that contribute to the health of the individuals and the health of the planet, with concrete and practical implementation in communities.

Live Questions and Answers
Professor Suzanne Higgs, PhD, Moderator
University of Birmingham, UK