We are excited for our new scientific sessions and annual meeting which will be held in Boston June 9-12, 2018. At Nutrition 2018, the top scientific researchers, practitioners, global and public health professionals, policy makers and advocacy leaders, industry, media and other related professionals will gather to advance nutrition science and its practical application.

The Most Current Nutrition Topics

Nutrition 2018 will feature more than 100 sessions covering 7 tracks so you’ll get the knowledge and skills you need on the nutrition topics you want. Hear experts weigh in on hot areas such as precision nutrition, obesity, pediatric nutrition, and immunology in our featured symposia. Explore the pre-conferences and sponsored satellite programs spanning content from food science to sports nutrition to sustainability.

Learn From Nutrition Experts

Expand your horizons with award lectures from individuals who have been selected based on their exceptional contributions to nutrition science. Drop in the From Research to Practice clinical programming to hear the latest on practice-changing science. Brush up on scientific and statistical principles in one of our professional development workshops.

Nutrition 2018 Meeting Schedule

Learn more about programming and events at Nutrition 2018. Check back often for schedule updates. More career development workshops and interest section and council functions will be added throughout the month!


Family Friendly Nutrition Meeting

Nutrition 2018 aims to be a family friendly environment and ASN is offering small grants to help off-set caregiving expenses to enable scientists with dependent children or family members to present their research in Boston. 
The Nutrition 2018 Family Support Grant is a reimbursable allowance up to a maximum of $750 towards eligible funding scenarios. Provision of these grants is part of a study to assess and evaluate conference attendance feasibility; through this effort we will gather feedback about preferences and barriers to conference attendance. 
Special thanks to the National Dairy Council and The Sugar Association, our supporters of the inaugural Family Support Grants.


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March is National Nutrition Month. The campaign promotes healthy eating habits and nutrition education, and it celebrates the people who promote these healthy habits. In 2018, the theme is “Go Further with Food”, highlighting that food decisions make an impact on your overall health.

Members of the American Society for Nutrition (ASN) are diverse. We study nutrition as a science, reporting on the physiological and biological aspects of foods and nutrients. We are also the nutrition educators and practitioners who get the latest nutrition science into the hands of those who need it: policymakers, dietitians, medical doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, and consumers. To celebrate National Nutrition Month and ASN’s impact on enhancing the knowledge of nutrition and quality of life, we will be highlighting some of our programs and activities that ultimately influence public health and how we can “go further with food.”

NUTRITION 2018 – American Society for Nutrition’s Annual Meeting

Nutrition 2018 LogoThis year ASN kicks off a new annual meeting that will focus on the multidisciplinary field of nutrition science. The meeting will bring together basic, translational, clinical, and population scientists and practitioners. The meeting will be held in Boston June 9-12 and registration is open now!

Some hot nutrition topics at the meeting:

  • Role of Anti-inflammatory Nutrition Strategies
  • Pediatric Nutrition
  • Nutrition and the Environment
  • Precision Nutrition
  • Science of Breastfeeding
  • Food Allergies

These are only a few topics that are included in the 4-day nutrition meeting. Our NUTRITION 2018 schedule is now open so please refer to it for the latest sessions.

Stay tuned for more news and a special membership offer for dietitians and nutritionists during National Nutrition Month.