Nutrition & Parkinson’s disease: is there a link?

Figure of mouse brain tissue from the substantia nigra; cells that are stained are dopamine producing. Parkinson’s disease (PD) is

Food and Mood: What Is Nutritional Psychiatry?

Choose your own adventure: Which scenario do you identify with? You wake up crabby and groggy each morning, reluctantly rolling

Inflammation: What Is It, and how can my diet and behavior affect it?

Suppose you’ve been told to eat an anti-inflammatory diet, or maybe you’re a practitioner whose clients want to know whether

Eat More Berries!

The session held Thursday afternoon on Aging and Cognition presented by Barbara Shukitt-Hale, PhD focused on the increase in inflammation

Inflammatory Bowel Disease – A Condition of our Culture, or Cultures of our Condition?

By Allison Dostal, PhD Gastrointestinal problems are one of the most common unpleasant issues that we all experience at some

The Many Faces of Nutrition and Inflammation

By Sheela Sinharoy Tuesday’s minisymposium ‘Nutrition and Inflammation’ covered a wide range of topics and research designs from clinical, lab,

Anemia and Inflammation: A Research Dilemma

By Sheela Sinharoy How does one estimate the prevalence of anemia in a population? Historically, this has been a fairly

EB 2015 Preview: Nutrition and Inflammation

By Sheela Sinharoy The EB 2015 program is online! A highlight for me will be the symposium Approaches to Account

Is the New Nordic Diet the optimal food system for health and environmental sustainability

By Banaz Al-khalidi Given the public health burden of lifestyle-related diseases, dietary interventions have been studied widely. Successful dietary approaches,