Nutrition Education and Behavioral Science

Health Professionals Need More Nutrition Education. How Can We Deliver?

By Allison Dostal, PhD It’s not a revelation that most Americans would benefit from increased nutrition education and guidance. Newly

Influences on nutrition at the individual, household, and national level

Student Blogger for Global Nutrition Council at ASN’s Scientific Sessions and Annual Meeting at EB 2016 By: Sheela Sinharoy, MPH

Inflammatory Bowel Disease – A Condition of our Culture, or Cultures of our Condition?

By Allison Dostal, PhD Gastrointestinal problems are one of the most common unpleasant issues that we all experience at some

How accurate are dietary intake apps and what improvements need to be made?

By Emma Partridge Dietary tracking applications (apps) have become quite sophisticated over the years, moving from manual entering of a

Is Nutrition Influencing Puberty in Teen Girls?

By Meghan Anderson Thomas The age of menarche has decreased significantly in the past century, from an average age of

Gut Microbes and the Brain: What is the Effect on Human Behavior?

By Teresa L. Johnson, MSPH, RD W. Allan Walker, MD, and Emeran Mayer, MD chaired a symposium during ASN’s Scientific

Developing the Evidence Base for Nutrition Recommendations

By Ann Liu, PhD Systematic reviews are the basis for nutrition policy and guidance, but gaps in the evidence base

Nutrition Superstition – How Your Grandma’s Tales Could Actually Be True

By Brett Loman Nutrition may be a relatively young science, but perhaps the intuition of our elders has informed us

How to Have a Healthy School Year: From Kindergarten to Graduate School

By Debbie Fetter Summer is quickly disappearing and school is right around the corner. Or, as the graduate students are

Nutritional Interventions in Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder

By Chris Sovey, RN, BSN Do you know someone who is depressed? You probably do, whether you realize it or