Community and Public Health Nutrition

Are consumers benefitting more than they know from recent food and behavior trends?

By: Emma Partridge American consumers are undoubtedly moving toward natural foods. An analysis by Datassential of consumer foodservice issue concerns

Living the Mediterranean Lifestyle

The Mediterranean Diet is based on the eating patterns in the Mediterranean region and focuses on fruits, vegetables, fish, whole

Path to Policy: Interview with Angela Tagtow, Executive Director of the Center for Nutrition Policy

By: R. Alex Coots The field of nutrition is diverse. Some nutrition researchers pursue their work to better understand human

High Sodium Warning Labels…New York’s Latest Public Health Policy

By: Mary Scourboutakos In just a few weeks, New York will be the first city to introduce high sodium warning

The French Approach to Nutrition

By Emily Roberts The United States is able to utilize government assistance to support various programs to help improve the

Why Economists are making the Case for Stunting Reduction

By Marion Roche, PhD Approximately 162 million children are stunted.In the global nutrition community the human costs of stunting are

What do we know about the timing of intake?

By Hassan S Dashti, PhD When we describe our habitual diets, we often find ourselves talking about its nutritional composition

Uganda and Food Security: Thoughts from a Personal Experience

By Amber Furrer, MS The term “food security” at a basic level was defined by the World Food Summit of

Crisis in Nepal: What about nutrition?

By Sheela Sinharoy As the tragedy of the earthquake in Nepal continues to unfold, we see images of disaster response

Highlights from the Presidential Symposium: Developmental Origins of Health and Disease

By Teresa Johnson, MSPH, RD Robert Waterland, PhD, an associate professor at Baylor College of Medicine, described nutritional influences on