Clinical Nutrition

Highlights from the Presidential Symposium: Developmental Origins of Health and Disease

By Teresa Johnson, MSPH, RD Robert Waterland, PhD, an associate professor at Baylor College of Medicine, described nutritional influences on

Colorful carrots get a new use, producing tracers to study the brain

By Ann Liu, PhD Researchers are using carrots to produce a new tracer that will help scientists study vision and

Nutritional Approaches for Osteosarcopenic Obesity: Interrelationships between Bone, Muscle and Fat

By Teresa Johnson, MSPH, RD A symposium chaired by Bahram Arjmandi, PhD, RD, and Carmen Castaneda-Sceppa, MD, PhD, provided insights

Health Literacy and Implications in Nutrition Care

By Mayra Sofia Crespo Bellido “I drink tea of guanábana leaves when I can’t make it to my chemotherapy sessions.

Interpreting Food Labels: Natural versus Organic

By Joyanna Hansen Consumers navigating grocery store aisles have many choices, and food labels are one way in which food

The French Paradox: Was it Really the Wine?

By Stefano Vendrame Here we go again. I’m reading the billionth newspaper article referring to the “French paradox,” with the

Is Obesity Linked to Sleep Deprivation?

By Jessica Currier Many observational and epidemiological studies have shown a connection between obesity and sleep deprivation in Americans. Alarmingly,

Added Fiber: The Answer to Our Weight Problems?

By Sarah Gold Determining how to stave off hunger while on a reduced calorie diet is the million-dollar question in

Basil: What’s not to Love?

By Joyanna Gilmour Basil, easily recognized by its fragrant, green, oval-shaped leaves, makes an appearance in many foods including pasta,

The Real Scoop on Chia Seeds

By Jessica Currier I’m sure most of you remember the chia pet, the clay figurines with sprouts of chia to