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Registered Dietitians are eligible for continuing professional education (CPE) credits while learning the latest advances in research and evidence-based nutrition practice.

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“This is the conference that dietitians should attend to have an understanding of the science from which recommendations to the public are made.”

Ann Merritt, MS, RDValley Regional Hospital, Claremont, New Hampshire

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Nutrition Topics Tailored to Your Interests

Educational Sessions

  • The Discovery of GLP-1 as a Satiety Hormone and Implications for Management of Obesity
  • Nutrition and Its Influence on Early Childhood Development
  • Second Generation Probiotics
  • Lessons Learned Implementing Diabetes Prevention Programs in Diverse Settings
  • Calorie Restriction versus Time-restricted Eating: Evaluating the Evidence for Attenuated Aging in Older Adults
  • Beyond the Binary:  Exploring the State of Transgender and Gender-diverse Nutrition Research
  • Mindful Momentum:  Navigating Mental Wellness in Your Career
  • Dietary Guidelines for Americans:  Current Edition and Looking Ahead

Community Forums

  • Dietary Bioactives in Healthy Aging
  • Social Media and Nutrition Communication around the Science of Low- and No- Calorie Sweeteners
  • Demystifying AI and Utilization in Dietary and Behavioral Interventions

Sponsored Satellite Programs

  • Evolving Landscape of Glycemia:  Insights into Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Glycemic Science, and Health Implications
  • Emerging Benefits of Whole Grains and Legumes:  Impact of Dietary Diversity on Health

NUTRITION 2024 is three days full of educational sessions, networking opportunities, and innovative ways to connect with others.


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