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Registered Dietitians are eligible for continuing professional education credits while learning the latest advances in research and evidence-based nutrition practice.

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“This is the conference that dietitians should attend to have an understanding of the science from which recommendations to the public are made.”

Ann Merritt, MS, RDValley Regional Hospital, Claremont, New Hampshire

Nutrition Topics Tailored to Your Interests

  • Precision Nutrition: New Scientific Horizons

  • Intermittent Fasting: From Science to Clinical Application

  • Great Debates in Nutrition: Does the Concept of ‘Ultra-Processed Foods’ Help Inform Dietary Guidelines, Beyond Conventional Classification Systems?

  • Dietary Protein and Its Impact on Muscle Metabolism & Healthy Aging: A Tribute to Douglas Paddon-Jones

  • Drivers of Food Choice and the Context of Changing Food Environments: Moving Beyond the “What” of Consumption to the “How” and the “Why”

  • Nutrition Information/Misinformation: Who’s Right?

  • …and more!

Nutrition 2022 has more than 65 educational sessions, networking opportunities, and innovative ways to connect with others.


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