Funding Opportunities

The American Society for Nutrition Foundation offers a variety of funding and leadership opportunities. For more details, please see below.

Applications for the following 2023-2024 opportunities can be submitted through the ASN Foundation Portal. The application deadline is January 16, 2024.

ASN Foundation Predoctoral Fellowships for Students in Nutrition Research

The ASN Foundation Predoctoral Fellowships fund outstanding research projects proposed and conducted by ASN members enrolled in a United States graduate program in nutrition. Fellowship grants range from $2,000 to $7,000. The funds can also be used to support tuition, room/board, books, travel/registration to scientific meetings, research project support and/or indirect charges (overhead). A maximum of 10% of the funds provided can be used toward indirect charges (overhead). In reviewing applications, the review committee will evaluate significance, feasibility, communication and clarity, as well as overall scientific technical quality of the proposed research project.

This year’s fellowship include the Gerber Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship and the Haleon Predoctoral Fellowship. Additional fellowships may be available as funding partners are secured. Please note additional nomination requirements exist for the Haleon Predoctoral Fellowship. Please view the description of this award here for more information about these requirements.

Applicants must:

  • Be an ASN member residing in the United States
  • Be enrolled in a United States graduate program in nutrition

Clinical Nutrition Internship Program

The Clinical Nutrition Internship Program (CNIP) is designed for medical students to foster interest in the role of nutrition in the practice of medicine, medical research, health promotion and disease prevention. The CNIP will introduce medical students to a unique blend of educational experiences to enhance their knowledge and familiarity with the importance of nutrition in health promotion, disease prevention and the provision of medical nutrition therapy.

Internships last eight weeks and are usually scheduled over the summer. Both clinical and academic aspects of nutrition are involved in the training. One intern is chosen each year. A $2,500 stipend is provided.

Applicants must:

  • Be currently enrolled in a medical or osteopathic medicine program
  • Select a qualified mentor in one’s home institution or a location of their own choosing. A qualified mentor must be a nutrition professional who is a member of ASN who agrees to perform this role in advance of the application and is identified with contact information included in the application.
  • Participate in an 8-week internship (typically during the summer)
  • Document ability to sustain interest and further advance understanding of clinical nutrition within medical school following the internship and provide acknowledged support of the applicant’s advisor

Undergraduate Diversity Research Fellowship Award

The ASN Foundation Undergraduate Diversity Research Fellowship (UDRF) were created to promote diversity in the field of nutrition through long-term change. The UDRF is designed to provide direct funding for undergraduate research projects that may have an impact to the broader field of nutrition. This award competition will give historically underrepresented undergraduate students research and travel funding to participate in a poster competition on their completed research project at the American Society for Nutrition’s annual flagship meeting, NUTRITION. In addition to funding to conduct research, the UDRF will also provide travel funding to allow fellowship awardees to present, participate, network, and learn at NUTRITION 2023.

Applicants must:

  • Be an ASN member residing in the United States
  • Be enrolled in an undergraduate program in nutrition, dietetics or food science within the United States.
  • Receive counsel and direction from a faculty advisor or faculty mentor identified by the applicant who is an investigator or clinical educator